Many times we feel like we don’t exactly fit what people on our age should do. I should take a look at my own. It is the time when your friends post everything about their kids, while you still, well, at school and your husband too. It is not that I envy them or something. It only makes me realize one thing: it is your own life that makes you grow. Some of us already had kids, some other pursue different things. It is not that I don’t want have kids, I will someday, but right now, I am pursuing another thing. So people, this is not something generalizable. You can’t say or judge “why don’t you have kids?” Or “why don’t you just work as GP?” As if you knew what other people are up to. People have different things to pursue. Whichever path they are now, they are up for something good in their life. So this is not your job to define whether something is good or bad for them. 

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