Merely a note

2013 has been such a year. Took the hypocratic oath, then off to work in an island. I’ve been going through many things throughout. On a highlight, I learn to pay more attention to some things we people often take for granted. You know, I live in a place where the electricity only works for 12 hours. I try to be more considerate, thoughtful, and be less impulsive. I put up more effort to bounce back to the place where I could see the whole picture of everything, because things don’t always work on your favor. This year, I’m aspire to be a better human being on my terms.
I can see a glimpse of what 2014 might give me. Got some places to visit (gosh finally! After one year of hiatus), also one next big thing will be coming insya Allah. So, cheers to 2013 and buckle up for 2014!