The first 4 months

Hi 🙂
After months of hiatus I am finally back. I’ve been busy strugling with poor reception in my work area. Yes, I’ve been doing internship program for 4 months to date, and still have 8 months to go.
This internship program is such a new experience for me as a fresh doctor. I got to work in the islands. Small islands for particular. It’s kinda interesting yet challenging though. I’ve met different type of people, with different customs, upbringing, level of education, and so on. This is like the real battle field.
Many things have happened during the last 4 months. I’ve been dealing with hot-headed, stubborn, greedy people, those who speak louder than what they actually know. Trust me it took a lot of nerves to handle them. I was upset at first. I vented most of the times. I was frustated when things/people didn’t work on my favor. I was all cynical and bad I could wish for bad things happened to the people. But then again, people need to be constantly reminded of the true meaning of life when things get rough. I do know that you can’t wish people to act accordingly, because most of the times they just don’t. As the saying goes, you can’t change other people no matter how bad you want it. You can only change yourself. You can’t wish others to work on your favor, you can only work on yourself. Take a step back, see the bigger picture.
Yang jelas there’s always blessing in disguise. Being in a new place is soooo exciting. You got to taste local food, experience local customs, meet some nice locals, etc. So far, in spite of those unfavorable events, I’m lucky enough to be here. Both bad things and good ones that happened will be of a significant lesson in the long run. We just don’t know it yet 🙂

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